beach weddings

Have you always been a big fan of tropical getaways and *love*, instead of a big, extravagent wedding ? Beach ceremonies are best for laid-back couples who love a little adventure,  brides whose dream dress is more understated and elegant than flouncy and embellished, and you really don’t mind ditching high heels for sandals .

When you plan a destination wedding, it’s important to realize that fewer people will be there — but that’s a plus. You can spend more time with your guests. The people you’re closest with will make the journey. No second cousins or random friends of your parents here! If you think that even the most phenomenally decorated venue will not hold a candle to a warm, idyllic beach at sundown, than the beach wedding is your way.

The beach wedding means a built-in vacation, two in one, you can enjoy a very convenient, relaxed feeling, instead of the stressful oraganizing of a big event at home.

A destination wedding might sound pricey, but it’s important to think of all what you are saving. When your venue is the beach, the instant atmosphere is done, the need for the decoration is very small. Your dress code will probably be more casual (i.e., dresses will likely cost way less), and amazing seafood and exotic flowers are much less expensive when they aren’t being shipped in. Instead of feeding the never seen aunties, you can spend your budget your ultimate, life-time experience.

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