Reveled as the “perfect beach”, Tangalle is where you’ll find the picturesque, skinny coconut palms scattered along the shoreline and the scent of plumeria blowing in the wind. In addition to the beautiful beaches, like Medaketiya and Goyambokka beaches, you can try your hand at parasailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, or tour the serene Tangalle Lagoon.

Ambalangoda Ariyapala Mask Museum

Ambalangoda is a very popular cultural centre in the southern coastal region of Srilanka and well known for traditional masks carvings and masks dancing.Ariyapala & Sons’ passing through their fifth generation of traditional masks carving and dancing is a non-profit organization. It includes a well developed museum, a workshop and a well decorated product display … Read more

Moonstone mine and gem palace

Meetiyagoda village situated 10 km north of Hikkaduwa  is famous for Sri Lankan largest Moonstone mines. Moonstone is a semi precious gemstone, Sri Lankan moonstones are of highest value due to their dark blue reflection.  The stone is a member of the feldspar family, a combination of two species, orthoclase and albite, stacked in thin … Read more

Rumassala- Japanese peace pagoda

Rumassala  is the subject of many legends. It is featured in the Ramayana, as the home of the beautiful Queen Sita. According to the Ramayana the Monkey-warrior Hanuman was sent back to India to fetch the four medicinal herbs, mritasanjeevani, vishalyakarani, suvarnakarani and sandhani from Himalaya in mountains to heal Lakshman who was wounded in … Read more

Palm tree view point

The best place to watch sunset in Mirissa is Palm tree grove. Although it’s only approximately a 15-minute walk from the main beach, few people venture here so you may even have the place to yourself. There’s something special about the way the palm trees line up here that make it a beautiful spot to visit, … Read more

Madu River mangrove safari

The Madu River area surrounding the river are all swampy marshlands covered in mangrove forests, which  covers over 61 hectares. 14 of the 24 species of mangroves are found in this area. Mangroves play a huge part in preventing erosion. The value of the mangroves was understood in December 2004, during the devastating tsunami, when … Read more

Snorkeling and diving

Sri Lanka has several diving and snorkelling spots, globally renowned for its diving and snorkeling tours. Sri Lanka’s spectacular underwater scenery beneath the waters of the Indian Ocean has a world of tropical fish, coloured coral and mysterious shipwrecks. The southern coast of Sri Lanka is especially popular for breathtaking underwater tours. If you’ve never done … Read more

Jet ski

Mirissa is a hotspot for many water sports activities. The jet sky is one of an amazing way to having a thrilling experience in Tropical Ocean. Adventurous water scooter ride in stunning Mirissa.


Mirissa is a fishery village and many people are attending fishery industry in large scale. The large Mirissa fishery harbor is the best place to go to a fishing tour, which can be arranged upon request. It can be done on morning or evening and the tour organizers serving little snack and meal. Fishing on … Read more


The surfing near Mirissa is all year round activity, but the best between November and April. There are good surf spots a couple of kilometers towards Matara, and the nearby Weligama, and Ahangama and Midigama too. Beginners and kids can take lessons in Weligama Surf School. Wave break point is perfectly made for beginners in … Read more