Madu River mangrove safari

The Madu River area surrounding the river are all swampy marshlands covered in mangrove forests, which  covers over 61 hectares. 14 of the 24 species of mangroves are found in this area. Mangroves play a huge part in preventing erosion. The value of the mangroves was understood in December 2004, during the devastating tsunami, when forest acted as a natural barrier protecting the region. The large growths of mangrove trees have caused a chain of ecological gain. Over 300 species, 19 of which are endemic, have been discovered here so far. The region continues to be a treasure trove to biologists and ecologists with many undiscovered species in the unreachable depths of the mangrove forests. The Madu River safari last for over two hours and gives a visitor a chance to travel the secretive passages through the mangrove forests and see the ecology. You can have a chance to see crocodiles, water snakes, tree snakes and wild boars. Watch the cormorants; storks and many other avianlife hunt. You can visit the old Buddhist temple on one of the islands , aer you can stop by another of the islands: cinnamon farm, or you can visit the outdoor fish massage parlor, where you can dangle your feet into a fenced part of the river to get treated by the massage fish.