Trips and tours we organise

The Sri Lanka SunRide Tours and Drivers Pvt. Ltd. is your best professional holiday partner to discover our island paradise. Our team consist of drivers who has excellent professional driving skills, calm and reliable personality, huge local knowledge about Sri Lanka with every detail of this country; they have nice english communication skills, intelligent and friendly nature. Our travel expert administration team will ask you about your interests, priorities, and make you the itinary best fit to your ideas even it is a relaxed holiday or a more busy adventurous tour. We arrange your holiday with good value for money services any level you choose, from the guesthouses to the 5 star hotels. If you create your own itineray and book your own hotels, we can help you with driving services, but you also can ask full package with hotel bookings.

Excursions / Daily Tours

What to do and what to see in South Sri Lanka.
The area has tons of activities, from leisure, sports to sightseeing, whale and dolphin watching.

Island Tours

We have great experience and expertise in organizing round tours or day tours upon on your requirements. The destinations are unique from one package to other and customized upon on your requirement.