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When Marco Polo first visited Sri Lanka back in the fourteenth century he said it was “undoubtedly the finest island in the world,” and the millions of globetrotters who have followed him agree wholeheartedly. Sri Lanka is referred to as “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean”.

Barely 100 miles north of the equator, this tropic paradise has a fascinating history and enthralling culture.  Lush valleys rich in tea leaves and spices rising up to Adam’s Peak and its strange flat top, which – depending on your religion – is said to be the footprint of Buddha, Adam from the Book of Genesis, or the Hindu god Shiva. And all on an island ringed by coconut palms that dance and dip above the glinting, aquamarine Indian Ocean. “Sri Lanka has absolutely everything” cited by National Geographic channel, and described Sri Lanka among the top best places to visit in the world, to have your dream holiday, whatever your requirement is. Sri Lanka is country like no other, a paradise for sightseers, wildlife enthusiasts and adventurers, unique experiences, rich in its heritage and natural beauty . Hundreds of sights and uncountable possibilities for activities never seems to end, whether you are looking for a relaxing weekend in a lush coconut palm-fringed tropical beach, or searching for your self-awareness and soulful development in the ancient sacred cities, temples and fortresses; either visiting wildlife parks and sanctuaries, or the tropical evergreen rainforest, misty mountains.

Helpful things to know before you come to Sri Lanka

The currency is the Sri Lankan Rupee (different from the Indian Rupee), and the exchange rate varies from approximately 174-180 LKR: 1 USD. There are plenty of places to exchange money in Sri Lanka, and there are also ATMs in cities where you can withdraw money.

Local SIM cards and data packages can be purchased at the airport once you arrive, but you may need to provide your passport in order to register the number. Data is cheap and 3G is fairly stable throughout Sri Lanka.

The best way to travel around Sri Lanka is by car, especially if you are short on time. Our Villa ensures you a private car and driver to your next destination, but if you are traveling along the southern coast of Sri Lanka your best bet is to simply hop into a tuk tuk or bus from one town to the next. It’s also possible to rent a scooter – but the roads can be extremely hectic with insane bus drivers, and confusing traffic.

Sri Lanka is unlike some other Asian countries in the sense that it is still relatively modest. The primary religion is Buddhism so be mindful of your attire when you are walking around or visiting a temple. Do not walk through local towns and villages in your swimsuit or skimpy clothes, it is considered very disrespectful. 

Sri Lanka has a few different climates so you may need to bring a sweatshirt or two if you’re visiting hill country as it can get fairly chilly, but in general the temperature along the south of Sri Lanka is high between 25-32 degrees Celsius.

The best time to visit Sri Lanka is widely considered to befrom the end of Novemer to the beginning of April , and from the end of June to August, as the weather is not rainy. However, don’t let the “rainy season” stop you from visiting southern Sri Lanka in the other months – the sea may be slightly rougher, but there are plenty of protected bays to swim in, there are consistent reef breaks to surf at, it tends to rain at night and is sunny during the day, and the entire coastline is a lot less crowded !

There are a plethora of hotel options suiting every budget, but prices tend to be higher than in countries such as India, Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam.